The home insurance you were waiting for

Because we all love our home, we should get the insurance it deserves: Luko is a full and customizable coverage, with all the tools to better take care of homes.

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Tailor made insurance

Goodbye package deals with useless guarantees and impossible terminations. You are free to customize your offer, like you're free to leave any time you want: Luko is a 100% non binding contract.

A problem at home? Refunded in one click

Breathe. With Luko, your hitch will soon become ancient history : the claim can be filled in 2min through the app and you'll be refunded twice as fast. Yes, you can count on us.

Experts at your service, to better protect your home

You can access free services to help you anticipate accidents and damages at home. Advice through video calls with trusted experts, access to our network of certified artisans, tutos to help you getting minor repairs, etc. Yes, we'll do anything to make sure nothing happens.

You can count on us

We're here everyday, at your convenience to help you in case you need it

Our average answer time on the tchat: 2 minutes. Tops.

Already covered?
No worries, Luko manages everything for you

Insure your home in less than 2min on our site

Share with us the information from your previous insurance contract

We terminate your former contract for free

You want to know where your money goes?

At Luko, you are the one choosing.

At the end of the year, if all premiums from our clients have not been used to cover all damages and accidents, the money left will be given back to NGO partners each of our client chose. This is how we do ethical insurance.

Here’s your premium.
You pay it every months.

  • 30% of your contribution
    is dedicated to Luko's management costs: customer service, claims management, innovation, etc.

  • 70% is pooled 

    with our other members’ premiums. If you ever file a claim, that pool will be used to compensate you.

  • If there’s money left at the end of the year, 

    it’s donated to the charity of your choice. It won’t increase our profit.

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Products for every need

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  • House owner

    Your home is your most valuable asset? Benefit from the best guarantees at a fair price to cover your home in any circumstance. And in case you need it, Luko is here 7d/7.

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  • Renter

    Are you soon moving in? Subscribe in 2min and Luko takes care of the termination of your previous contract.

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  • Flatshare

    You are sharing a flat with roommates? Save some time with Luko: subscribe in 2min, add & remove beneficiaries in one click.

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  • Landlord

    To better protect your assets, wether it is free or occupied, Luko offers an efficient and customizable coverage.

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